WWS Scholarship

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1000-1200 word article talking about any of the following:

    • What is SEO? 
    • Benefits of SEO During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • How to build a great website in 2021
    • How to create your small business online presence in 2021
    • Things to look for when hiring a web designer 
    • How to create a logo for your small business
    • How to promote your website for free
    • Shopify vs WooCommerce
    • How to make your website load faster
    • Top 2021 Web Design & Development Trends

How to stand out

  • Write like a human, not a robot. 
  • Add pictures, hyperlinks (when you are referring to another website) 
  • Pretend you’re writing it for a specific customer
  • Focus on being technical, but explain it in a way where a non-technical person can understand it
  • Don’t overwhelm your content! One way to combat that is by breaking down your content into bite-size, scannable chunks. Turn a long-winded sentence into two and keep your paragraphs to three sentences or less. Don’t forget about bullet points – they’re great attention grabbers and easily digestible, especially on mobile devices.


Any high-school, undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in an accredited institution located in Canada, United States, United Kingdom or Australia. Any area of study / field is accepted and everyone eligible is encouraged to apply.  $2000 CAD is awarded for this scholarship. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis, deadline is June 30th 2021. 

    About West Web Solutions

    West Web Solutions is a full fledged Web Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency based in the Metro Vancouver area. We have clients that span all of North America in sectors like real estate, food delivery and construction. We mostly work with small businesses and start-ups, building their online presence from the ground up. Through our work with small businesses in North America, we have seen first-hand their efforts in giving back to their community. As a result, we want to do our fair share and become a role model for our future clients by giving back to students via our newly announced WWS Scholarship.  

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is the money distributed?

    The $2000 CAD is awarded directly to your registered institution for your tuition, book or personal expenses.  

    How many awards are there?

    Depending on the amount of applications and their quality, the number of awards will be determined